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October 26, 2007


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With winter almost upon us, and the convention season slowing down, many people are starting to plan next-year's cosplay costumes (myself included!)

So, to aid you all in your planning phases, I've put together an article with all of the various tutorials I've bookmarked for personal reference, that deal with cosplay! Maybe, within, you'll find some inspiration for your next costume, or help you get through a stumbling block that you may have hit!

As always, check out Artisan Crafts for works done by other people here on dA, take some time to browse through "Resources -> Tutorials -> Artisan Crafts" for some tutorials of cool stuff to make!

I tried to break these up by general category, but if a tutorial applies to something in particular, I'll put the series name before it :D

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:star: Sewing/Costume :star:

[NARUTO] Akatsuki Cloud Tutorial by Malindachan
This is a great tutorial for the Akatsuki clouds, especially if you're newer to sewing but don't want to paint them on!

Akatsuki Cloud Tutorial by Malindachan

[NARUTO] Anbu Vest Tutorial by Cristophine
I personally haven't used this, but it seems like it will work perfectly (especially if you take a look at the mask tutorial a little further down :poke:)

Anbu Vest Tutorial by Cristophine

[SAILOR MOON] :Sailor Moon Pigtail Tutorial: by GarnetFlight
I love this tutorial, and am awaiting the chance to get to make something using this technique. Plus, I think her pony tails don't look so stringy when done like this, which is the other reason I love it!

:Sailor Moon Pigtail Tutorial: by GarnetFlight

making hand-bound eyelet holes by Kathelyne
This is especially useful if you hate those eyelets you buy in the store as much as I do XP

making hand-bound eyelet holes by Kathelyne

Tutorial: Draft a Kimono Pattern & Pre-Tied Obi Bow by taeliac
Okay, so I'm sorry for putting my own tutorials up here, but the sewing section was looking a little lame >.> And, I hope they're helpful, so... yeah...

Tutorial:Draft a Kimono Patten by taeliac Tutorial: Pre-Tied Obi by taeliac

:star: Props :star:

chioky's Sword Making Guide (currently 5 parts)
This is one of the most comprehensive guides (with great step-by-step pictures and explanations) on how to make swords. I've sat in awe of these swords from the first time I saw them.

Swordmaking Guide: Part 1 by chioky Swordmaking Guide: Part 2 by chioky Swordmaking Guide: Part 3 by chioky Swordmaking Guide: Part 4 by chioky Swordmaking Guide: Part 5 by chioky

[BLEACH] This tutorial (also by chioky) walks you through one sword, from start to finish - a Tensa Zangetsu from Bleach!

How to make a Tensa Zangetsu by chioky

Wrap How-To by piratecaptain
Add a nice touch to your sword props with this tutorial - seems like it would work especially well with a pre-boughten bokken to have a great prop weapon quickly!

Prop Katana Wrap How-To by piratecaptain

Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial by Risachantag
And now, to finish off that sword... with some paint!

Cosplay:Metal Texture Tutorial by Risachantag

:star: Accessories :star:

Cosplay wing tutorial by etaru
See, wings aren't as hard as you thought they'd be! It just takes a little patients...

Cosplay wing tutorial by etaru

[NARUTO] Naruto ANBU maksmakingTUTORIAL by MSkyDragons
A new tutorial that looks to be really, really helpful for those of you wanting an ANBU cosplay!

Naruto ANBU maskmakingTUTORIAL by MSkyDragons

Leather Mask Making Tutorial by Ranasp
A great guide on how to make masks out of leather, and also on painting and detailing them. Take a look thru Ranasp's gallery for inspiration!

Leather Mask Making Tutorial by Ranasp

Mermaid latex ears tutorial by Lluhnij ((man, I hope I typed that right!))
For those of you who are very adventurous, try making your own ears for your cosplay - especially if you need something very distinct *coughWoWNightElves* that you just can't seem to find. (and, if that doesn't work, Lluhnij does make these for sale ;P)

Mermaid latex ears tutorial by Lluhnij

[xxxHOLIC] Pipe Fox Tutorial by rallamajoop
To remind myself to get off my butt and make myself one, but this is just too cute not to have up here, and a good example of how an accessory can really make an outfit fantastic!

Pipe Fox Tutorial by rallamajoop

How to Make Your Own Cat Ears by SedatedArtist
If you have a convention to go to tomorrow, and you don't have time to make a costume... this always works!


:star: :heart: :star: :heart: :star:

Well, there you have it! I tried to dig through all of the tutorials posted, and pull out those that relate to cosplay or costuming in general - now, if you have a special way of doing something, or something to add, how about you make a tutorial of it, and upload it! Share the knowledge, and many people will be grateful for the help!

If you are specifically stuck on something, consider asking for help on ArtisanCraft, otherwise, there are tons of people out there who can help you - just dig around the Artisan Crafts Gallery and look around! I can even see what I can do help, and if I can't answer it, I can probably point you to someone who can :D
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