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The Dragon Awakens (2) by taeliac The Dragon Awakens (2) by taeliac
This, the first dragon, has just awoken, as the second one (not pictured yet) coils on to the stage.

On a side note, from a technical theatre perspective, this was awesome to see. There is a man in a kimono patterned like the dragon scales, who looks out beneath the dragon head. The head itself, though, is manipulated with his hands, just like what you think of when you think of puppetry. Very, very cool.

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My images from the Beppu Sentoumyou festival (1,000 candles, I believe) in Beppu Park. There was a performance before the actual Sentoumyou festival that we were lucky enough to catch. While there were no words, and we do not know the traditional Japanese characters being played, we could kind of figure it out as it went along, because fundamentally, I think all puppetry and masked characters share very common archetypes, even across cultures. (At least, that's what my Theatre education taught me.)

Beppu Sentoumyou Festival : November 3, 2012
Beppu-shi, Oita-ken, Kyushu, Japan
 別府市   大分県   九州  日本
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