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July 7, 2009
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Circle Skirt Add-on by taeliac Circle Skirt Add-on by taeliac
:star: This is an add-on to the Tutorial: Circle Skirts I have already created. Check that tutorial for all of the details, this is just a supplement :star:

Someone had asked for a bit of a clarification on how to do more than one skirt with the circle skirt tutorial - I hope that this image helps to clarify it a bit, just a quick sketch-up in Illustrator!

Again, as with all the tutorials, please don't steal these or claim them as your own ^^;

2009 Taeliac Studio
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CanapeSchlepp Aug 9, 2013  Student General Artist
Still doesn't make much sense to me... could you explain it in more detail?
Oooooohhhh that makes more sense. I was just about to scan your circle skirt tutorial comments to figure this out. Thank you for this add- on! Also, thank you so much for taking the time to create these helpful tutorials :)
Hi, I'm sorry but I'm a bit dense when it comes to intsructions :giggle: When you mean sew the two circles together by the split lines, do you mean sew the 2 split lines together or each split line apart??? I understood your last tutorial and I thank you very very much!!! :)
LOVE this pattern. I do a lot of renaissance, steampunk, and 1950's style clothing, so this circle skirt pattern is awesome! I usually use patterns for circle skirts, but this is sooooo much better, especially now that I can adjust the length :) I just finished a blue and white polka dot skirt *with petticoat underneath* to wear to my vampire LARP tonight, I play a character who was turned in the 1950's. I cant wait to show this off!
Erenaya Mar 19, 2010
Do you think it would be possible to make a skirt of even three or four circles, or is it 'too much' then? Not that I would be trying to do something like that with my minimum sewing skills... just asking for the sake of interest. ^^
TalaRedWolf33 Apr 23, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
For even fuller skirts, I always add some tool under it, and then a petticoat. It puffs it out more, and the tool gives it kinda a more fuller look without being that full.
taeliac Mar 19, 2010  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hehe, no! I think you definitely could, although it would weight a lot. I usually prefer to keep "really full skirts" to maybe two, two and a half circles at the most, otherwise, the impact of them being so full is lessened a bit.

But, you can, if you really want! :giggle:

And, you should give it a shot - it's a good project with minimal sewing skills :D
absinthe-fight Oct 20, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay i honestly haven't understood the two circle deal ( i didnt get that they sorta unfold where you sew the circles together) but i do now! hahaha i feel so daft!
taeliac Oct 20, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
Oh noes :hug: I'm sorry - it's a rather hard bit to explain, I hope that the pictures would help a bit, but it is a little weird to try to type out - I may have to do a video tutorial on it one of these days, just because it's so much easier to explain speaking :giggle:

I do hope it has helped, even a bit, though! :glomp:
inkillusion Jul 7, 2009
what a wonderful coincidence, i'm thinking about making a circle skirt with more than one circle, and wondering how to attach them...

thanks! :heart:

p.s. i'll link the result to you if all goes well. i'm excited about it, it's more art than clothing!
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