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I'm a sucker for baby animals, chibi, general cute anime-ish things, and everything in between. And bad jokes. I like those, too. I can't help it. It's a problem, I know, but... but...!

And kitties. Oh gawd, the kitties!


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The school year wrapped up a few weeks ago, because Japanese school years follow the season. If you've ever watched any anime, you know that it's because of sakura (cherry blossom) season; the flowers symbolize a new beginning. The traditional calendar even started based on when sakura bloomed.

This time of year, there are popular events called "hanami" 花見 「はなみ」. Hana はな(花) means "flower," and mi (prounced like "me") み(見) means "to look" or "to see." So  hanami (花見) is "flower viewing."

Most companies also follow the school year, in that they do the majority of the hiring in April, all across the country. In fact, at most companies, people are hired in "cohorts" at this time, train together, and work together. It's rare for a company to hire outside of spring! So, the end of March and the beginning of April is crazy busy here, and hanami is the time to sit down and enjoy nature. Our company is no different - we do the majority of the hiring in spring, and then have a sort of welcome hanami party.

A lot of people have asked me what it's like where I live in Japan, so I thought, as we were driving around before the party, to snap some pictures. These are all out the car windows, so forgive me for their quality. (Also, yes, we bought a car! Woo! More road trips!) This is what more rural Kyushu looks like, outside of the cities. Have I mentioned how much I love "inaka" (rural) Japan?
Photo by taeliac
Here's how just about every day starts out. And behind that white cloud bank in the lower right, there is a mountain. This is an older picture, but it is what I see from the edge of our driveway.

Honyabakei by taeliac
See all those pink puffs on the mountains? Those are all cherry trees blooming!

Honyabakei by taeliac
Power lines are a ubiquitous sight in Japan, so much so that, to me, they are more symbols of the country than anything! lol

Honyabakei by taeliac
We have some neat rock formations near by, too. I couldn't get a good shot of it, but off to the left of that ragged rock is a temple up the mountain, and it's super cool. It's called "Rakan-ji."

Village in Honyabakei by taeliac
This is pretty much what small villages in the countryside look like. This is a small one next to the onsen (hot springs) we had our hanami party at.
Also, Oita is the hot spring capital of Japan. LUCKY!

So, those are some snapshots from this past weekend's events, maybe giving you some insight into life here in my little (rural) corner of heaven.

As an aside, I was thinking of trying to do this regularly on different things around here, or just from our random drives we take on occasion. Anyone interested in this becoming a regular thing? Got any questions about living or working in Japan?


Moon Druid
Started playing D&D again, this time 5th Ed. I'm the DM, but I need a character on the off chance someone else decides to run a game, so I decided to try a class I've never done before - Druid. Shape-shifting seems fun, and with the Moon path, I can change into bigger and badder things early on.

So, here is Vaesha, my Moon Druid. Low charisma, doesn't like people or cities, wood elf who basically hides until needed, and then turns into a dire wolf and bites peoples. The markings are gold paint over scars, that she meticulously repaints when they need it before leaving her tent. It is off-putting to people in cities, but even moreso if she leaves the pant off, as it's just decorative scars all along her body. Her hair is green, dyed, I'd assume, as I think it should change with the seasons. The eyelashes are adorned with bird feathers, because why not?

This was my second time touching Photoshop for this type of thing in like a decade, and took me well over 40 hours to do. I have the whole body sketched (how could I not? The costume is what i put the most thought into!) but bit off more than I could chew to try to color, considering how difficult this part was. Helpful tips are always welcome, but remember, I'm a way beginner at this, so please be nice!

Edit So I just realized I never fixed the nose line... ah well. I'll fix it tomorrow, but I realize how weird it looks :(
Working on turning a yukata into a dress using only one cut in the fabric, everything else is darts and pleats! Zipper in last night, and it looks pretty fab!

Filename by taeliac


Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
I'm a sewing maniac, who is willing to sew just about anything (cosplay or otherwise) you could throw at me!

:star: I'm currently residing in Japan with my wonderful husband :star:
I'm not working on cosplay commissions at the moment, nor much sewing apart from small personal projects (quilts and jewelry, more than anything) due to only having one *le gasp* sewing machine with me, and no dress forms or even room to work!

So, for the time being, I am simply existing, getting over some crippling mental health issues, and snapping pictures every chance I get. If you'd like, however, give me a +watch and you'll know when I'm back home in the US, studio set up and ready to go again! Because you can't keep me away from it for too long...

I graduated with a BFA in Costume Production in the Spring of 2008, and have been working diligently for Taeliac Studio, the business I've been running since 2002/2003 (I can't honestly remember which~) specializing in cosplay commissions, with some forays into professional theatre locally when the opportunity arises.

I love sewing, and I am willing to try to help anyone out with their questions (although I'm insanely slow to respond to emails and notes, sorry!)

I'm moving slowly more and more into other areas as well, such as prosthetic work for special effects makeup, leather working, millinery (hat making), and custom alternative bridal but you never know where else I'm going to go!~


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