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I'm a sucker for baby animals, chibi, general cute anime-ish things, and everything in between. And bad jokes. I like those, too. I can't help it. It's a problem, I know, but... but...!

And kitties. Oh gawd, the kitties!


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deviation in storage by shelldevil



Tomodachi by taeliac
One of the better shots of my kitties lazing around and being all sweet, as opposed to their normal terror-mode.

But, they're only 9 months old, so I guess it's just a phase. Right? RIGHT?!

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Getting through some pictures... hundreds more. It seems like it will never end!!
Tea and Flowers by taeliac
Tea and Flowers
A friend of ours took my husband and me, along with her grandson, to a very small tea factory about 45 minutes away. They specialize in traditional, hand picked and hand dried Japanese green tea 「お茶」 of exceptional quality. They produce really limited quantities, and in addition to their tea fields, they have a whole hillside covered in wisteria 「ふじ花」 that is open for visitors during the peak blooming season.

Here are tendrils of wisteria trailing down, the purple a stark contrast to the bright green of the tea plants, and perhaps a few bees as well!

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Basically, I still love it. We're staying for at least another year, possibly more. Who knows? 

I have really fallen in love with the countryside of this country. We've visited big cities (no Tokyo yet though) and I just can't get beyond how it feels like a whole different world in them. Where we are, it is not what I would consider "rural," having gown up in Wisconsin, but to the Japanese people, it is about as "inaka" as it gets. Like, people ask where we're from, and when we say a city in Kyushu, they go "huh. What's there in Kyushu?" 

Really, it's so wonderful, though. In cities, you feel like isolated among all of the people around you. You are just in the way. Don't talk to me if you don't have something important to say. You don't speak great Japanese? You're wasting my time. Just use the English menu. We don't care, just get out of my way.

Down here it is the complete opposite. You get stopped by random people all the time who want to talk with whatever English they have learned. For example, a few days ago we were at the local pub (izakaya) eating dinner, and there is a group off to our left. We usually sit at the bar and chat with the owners, so we were surprised when this old guy from the group comes up. He must have been 80 at least. He says "hello, nice meet you. My name --- where from?" And we just started chatting with him in half English, half Japanese. We met his son, and his grandson, who one of our coworkers teaches in Kindergarten. And he says, as he's about to go back to his family, "thank you. I learn English from Television. You nice people. See you again." and shook our hands.

Stuff like that happens a lot. Like, a lot lot. And every time it's awesome. Every time we're reminded that we're outsiders in this country, but not in a "you're in my way" sort of way, in a "it was neat to meet someone different" sort of way.

It's really hard to describe, but I hope you get the point.

We joined the local gym, and need to start going more often. We know a ton of older ladies who go, and do water walking or stuff like that in the pool, or yoga classes. Even though I speak next to no Japanese beyond niceties, most people are still very gracious and do their best to communicate. It's kind of amazing.

On that note, lets see... updates on life. When a teacher decided to just up and leave in the middle of the night about eight months ago, I got a job with the company my husband works for. I work part time, teaching at an Elementary school three days a week. In a month or so, that changes, and I'll be teaching all five days at two different schools, but that's it thankfully. No other classes in the evening. 

Because of this, we're looking for a house to rent. I want to live near the castle, in the old part of town. I want to have a yard, or at least more than a tiny apartment - around November we adopted two kittens from the litter my friend's cat had, a brother and sister terror. I think they're getting to big for our tiny apartment.

My husband kellin is looking to get his Japanese driver's license soon so we can get a car. I miss being able to go drive up into the mountains - where we live it is notoriously flat. I love mountains, with no one to be seen for miles, or so it seems. A random temple scattered here, a small restaurant there. That sort of thing. 

Anyways, I just really felt like rambling at you. I know I'm kinda AWOL here, and since I don't do much in the way of sewing as often as I'd like, I understand if you are annoyed by me and the lack of costuming. 


Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
I'm a sewing maniac, who is willing to sew just about anything (cosplay or otherwise) you could throw at me!

:star: I'm currently residing in Japan with my wonderful husband :star:
I'm not working on cosplay commissions at the moment, nor much sewing apart from small personal projects (quilts and jewelry, more than anything) due to only having one *le gasp* sewing machine with me, and no dress forms or even room to work!

So, for the time being, I am simply existing, getting over some crippling mental health issues, and snapping pictures every chance I get. If you'd like, however, give me a +watch and you'll know when I'm back home in the US, studio set up and ready to go again! Because you can't keep me away from it for too long...

I graduated with a BFA in Costume Production in the Spring of 2008, and have been working diligently for Taeliac Studio, the business I've been running since 2002/2003 (I can't honestly remember which~) specializing in cosplay commissions, with some forays into professional theatre locally when the opportunity arises.

I love sewing, and I am willing to try to help anyone out with their questions (although I'm insanely slow to respond to emails and notes, sorry!)

I'm moving slowly more and more into other areas as well, such as prosthetic work for special effects makeup, leather working, millinery (hat making), and custom alternative bridal but you never know where else I'm going to go!~

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